Areni One

The Areni One shoe is a 5,500-year-old leather shoe that was found in 2008 in excellent condition in the Areni One cave located in the Vayots Dzor province of Armenia inspired us to launch our Areni One footwear line.

Manufactured in the USA, Areni One orthopedic and diabetic comfort shoes are designed to meet various needs of people with foot problems. No matter what you are suffering from, be it - ankle pain, arch pain or hammertoes, sensible diabetic foot our orthopedic and diabetic shoes will help you to cure all these problems. Areni One holds its reputation as a brand with superior quality products that has grown over the years. We use the expertise of leading podiatrists and our ample understanding of shoe industry to restore the faded glory of American manufactured footwear. The shoes are designed to fulfill the medical needs and fashion expectations of the people. Areni One shoes are not only for those dealing with diabetes, but they are also beneficial for those dealing with foot complications and need a comfortable walk in daily life.

Produced by ecologically clean technology with the use of robotics, we present our wide range of diabetic or orthopedic comfort shoes for both men and women that will accommodate different foot deformities with different sizes and widths.

Areni One is our registered diabetic and therapeutic shoes brand featuring our unique heel cradle system, high quality components and originally made exclusively in the USA. Even though today not 100% of Areni One shoes are made in the USA we still keep strong quality control as well as continue making our shoes with all the same features our US made shoes were made with.

At Areni One we believe there is a shoe for everyone and therefore we offer a multitude of sizes and widths. So, if you are someone looking for comfortable shoes for therapeutic purposes, Areni One can be an ideal choice for simply adhering to day to day comfort needs and daily athletic walking. Areni One footwear presents the perfect fusion of medical expertise with experienced craftsmanship in order for you to love those shoes with every step you take. We can guarantee that you will feel an unmatched sense of comfort and luxury, because of constant pursuit of perfection. Browse our wide range of collection of orthopedic and diabetic shoes for both men and women get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes today!

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